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Festival Henna
Henna Stain
Henna Tambourine
Henna Bridal
Festival Henna 2
Henna Mandala


Creamy organic henna paste mixed by hand and applied using hand rolled cones made from recycled materials. My authentic home spun ingredients ensure fresh, superior staining. Available to work weekend festivals or evening bridal events. Serving WV, D.C., VA, MD and PA; travel charges may apply. Fully insured bodywork artist. 

I am actively seeking volunteer work to create free "henna crowns" for cancer patients who have lost their hair during treatment.

"Donna's henna art was such a fun activity for everyone at my bachelorette party! Reminiscent of traditional bridal party wedding henna, her beautiful, creative designs could be customized for everyone, allowing them to be as bold or discrete as they liked. Donna is so great to work with and her positive energy will add to the joy of any event."


~ Melissa Mancuso, York PA

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